What Are Top Stocks to Buy Before 2024?

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Use our guide to the top stocks to buy before 2024 to navigate the future of investing. Examine information and analysis on emerging characteristics, shares that are about to rise, and possible market movers. Keep ahead of the curve and choose wisely when investing as we explore the exciting opportunities that might influence the stock market environment in 2024.

Introduction to the top stocks to buy before 2024

Now that 2023 is nearly over, it’s a fantastic opportunity to consider the upcoming new investing year. This doesn’t imply you should rebuild your whole portfolio; instead, think about what could be lacking from your holdings and, if the price of a certain stock is good and you have some cash on hand, add those stocks.

Companies that typically provide consistent profits growth over time are one area to concentrate on. Since patients always require their medications or operations, the healthcare industry is the ideal area to discover these players, regardless of the state of the economy. There are established personalities in this group as well as emerging talent that might provide even more development.

Before the new year arrives, let’s examine five of these best stocks to add to your portfolio.

CRISPR Medicines

CRISPR Therapeutics has achieved a significant milestone, and there could be one more to come. The U.K. approved exa-cel, a CRISPR-based gene-editing medication that the business just gained the first authorization for globally (to be sold as Casgevy). This month, U.S. authorities will make decisions about the treatment of sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia, respectively.

This is significant because it indicates potential blockbuster-level product revenue, which is just ahead of us. Another reason it’s significant is that it’s a vote of confidence in the technology that CRISPR Therapeutics utilizes throughout its pipeline. The business is even working on late-stage research to support a prospective regulatory request for CTX-110, a potential immuno-oncology medication.

In the meanwhile, compared to earlier times when we had less certainty about the future, CRISPR Therapeutics stock is trading at a significantly lower level. Given that this biotech company is only getting started, the shares might rise significantly from where they are now in the future.

Eli Lilly

Due to its diabetic medication Mounjaro, which physicians have been recommending for weight loss, Eli Lilly has gained prominence. Patients have really experienced medicine shortages due to the popularity of alternative treatments like Mounjaro, since supply cannot keep up with demand.

In more positive news, Lilly has received regulatory permission for the same chemical to particularly treat weight loss. The business is also expanding its production capacity. Zep Bound will be Lilly’s brand name for the product. Given that Mounjaro generated $1.4 billion in sales in its most recent quarter, there is cause for optimism over both medications’ ability to spur growth.

However, Lilly is more than a single substance or one particular area of treatment. Numerous products in the fields of neurology, oncology, and immunology are sold by the corporation. Additionally, these medications contributed to the company’s 37% quarterly revenue rise, which was mostly driven by growth and new product sales.

Even after recent gains, Lilly shares are expected to rise over time given present growth and future potential due to new and high-growth products.

Vertex Pharmacies

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is well-known for being a market leader in the worldwide market for cystic fibrosis (CF) treatments, and the company has made billions of dollars from its CF medications. Thanks to existing treatments and a highly good candidate currently undergoing crucial development, this is expected to continue throughout the next decade.

Thus, we can be sure that the CF program will continue to provide billion-dollar profits for a very long time. However, Vertex is going to provide investors and patients with considerably more. The business will profit from sales on Casgevy because of its partnership with CRISPR Therapeutics.

Thus, we can be sure that the CF program will continue to provide billion-dollar profits for a very long time. However, Vertex is going to provide investors and patients with considerably more. The business will profit from sales on Chevy because of its partnership with CRISPR Therapeutics.

Additionally, Vertex is developing a candidate to deal with the widespread issue of pain, and VX-548 is expected to finish its key program by the end of this year. If the trial’s results are favourable, the business hopes to release the data early in 2019. If so, a commercial launch could not be too far off.

Natural Surgery

At 8,285 sites, Intuitive Surgical is the global leader in robotic surgery thanks to its flagship da Vinci system. The competitive advantage, or moat, that Intuitive has that should guarantee its continued dominance of the industry is what I appreciate best about it.

Given the high cost of robotic systems, it is improbable that hospitals, even if they are happy with the present platform, will quickly move to a different supplier. Also, since the majority of physicians receive their training on the da Vinci, they will undoubtedly be in favour of continuing with a system that they are familiar with.

  1. The Pfizer

Due to its coronavirus vaccine and treatment, Pfizer’s sales soared to all-time highs last year. However, the major pharma company is currently facing two challenges: a fall in coronavirus product revenue and the impending loss of exclusivity of several of its earlier hits.

Some investors have lost interest in Pfizer as a result, but for the rest of us, this presents an excellent purchasing opportunity. Presently, the stock is merely valued at 18.4 times projected future profits.

Why now purchase Pfizer? as the business intends to develop past patent losses and make up for them. Pfizer is now experiencing its most successful launch run to date, introducing 19 new drugs or indications in the course of an 18-month span. With 13 launches under its belt thus far, it is clearly headed towards the goal.


These stock projections offer invaluable insights into potential capacity investment opportunities as we make assumptions about the financial environment of 2024. To make informed decisions, one must conduct in-depth research, be up to date on market characteristics, and confer with financial professionals. Since the future of equities is unpredictable, these forecasts serve as a guide for navigating the changing financial markets over the next 12 months.

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