Why does my phone say sos only

Why does my phone say sos only

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Why does my phone say sos only it could be upsetting and even infuriating. Fear not, though, for this piece will explore the causes of this problem and provide you workable remedies. We’ll address everything, from technical issues to network issues. Let’s get started and figure out why your phone could be displaying “SOS Only.”

Why Is SOS Only Displayed on My Phone?

Problems with Network Coverage

This “SOS Only” notification may appear if your phone is unable to connect to your network provider. This can be the result of network congestion or being in a place with poor signal coverage.

SIM Card Issues

An incorrectly installed or malfunctioning SIM card may potentially be the cause of your phone’s “SOS Only” notification. Make sure that it is inserted properly and is working.

Antiquated Software

The “SOS Only” notification may appear on your device due to outdated software that is causing compatibility problems with your network provider. To prevent similar issues, make sure the software on your phone is always updated.

Activated Aeroplane Mode

Inadvertently putting your device in aeroplane mode can limit network connection and make it show “SOS Only.” Check the settings on your phone again to make sure aeroplane mode is off.

Network Provider Problems

Network providers occasionally encounter technical issues or need to perform maintenance, which results in service interruptions with the “SOS Only” notice. See if any outages have been reported in your region.

IMEI Blacklist

It’s possible that your phone can only make emergency calls if its IMEI (International Cellular Equipment Identity) has been banned as a result of theft or other issues, in which case it will say “SOS Only.” Get in touch with the supplier of your network to fix this.

Hardware Issues

Rarely, hardware issues like a broken antenna or a malfunctioning network chip can make your phone display “SOS Only.” If necessary, seek the advice of a qualified technician for repairs.

How to Resolve “SOS Only” Problem

If you frequently get the “SOS Only” notification because of low signal reception, go to a location with better coverage of the network or switch to another internet provider.

Put the SIM card back in.

After removing the SIM card and correctly re-inserting it, turn off your phone. Make sure the SIM card has been cleaned and in good condition before turning your smartphone back on.

Upgrade the programme

Make sure to often check your phone for software updates, and install them as soon as they’re released. This lowers the possibility of running into the “SOS Only” problem and guarantees compatibility with the network provider.

Turn off the aeroplane mode.

If your phone is on aeroplane mode, turn it off from the settings to get back on the network and get rid of the “SOS Only” notification.

Speak with the Network Provider

To find out more about any current problems or interruptions in your area, get in contact with the customer service team of your network provider. They are able to offer support and updates on the circumstances.

Check the IMEI Status

Verify with your network operator that the IMEI of your phone is not blocked. If it has been mistakenly blacklisted, take action according to their recommendations to fix the problem and get back to regular network access.

Seek Expert Assistance

When all else fails and the “SOS Only” notice still appears, you should think about getting help from a trained professional who can identify and fix any underlying hardware issues.


Why does my phone only ever yell SOS at random?

Sometimes, unexpected “SOS Only” messages on your phone can be caused by out-of-date software, SIM card problems, or network outages. You can fix the problem by using the troubleshooting procedures described in this article.

Can “SOS Only” be caused by a broken SIM card?

Yes, the “SOS Only” warning may appear on your phone if your SIM card is broken or malfunctioning and prevents it from properly connecting to the network. To see whether it fixes the problem, try putting the SIM card back in or getting a new one.

Will the “SOS Only” issue be resolved if I reset my phone?

If software bugs are the cause of the “SOS Only” issue, you may be able to fix it by returning your phone to the initial configuration. But, since a reset will remove all of your personal data, be sure that you back up your files before proceeding.

How can I find out whether the IMEI of my phone is blocked?

By getting in touch with the provider of your network or using internet IMEI verification services, you can find out the current state of the IMEI on your phone. If your phone is marked as blacklisted, it might only be allowed to make urgent calls and display the message “SOS Only.”

Can I resolve a “SOS Only” issue that is hardware-related on my own?

It is preferable to leave hardware problems, like a broken network chip or antenna, to qualified experts. If you try to fix hardware issues on your own without the necessary knowledge, you could break your device even more.

I have full signal bars on my phone, so why does it still read “SOS Only”?

The phone may still show “SOS Only” even when all of the signal bars are fully charged if there are connection or device compatibility problems. Follow the instructions in this article to troubleshoot the issue.

In summary

Although receiving the “SOS Only” warning on your phone can be annoying, it typically indicates that there are problems that can be resolved with SIM cards, networks, or software compatibility. You may properly diagnose and solve the issue by comprehending the possible causes and putting the solutions described in this article into practice. Recall to keep yourself updated about network disruptions and, in case you require it, seek expert support. Avoid becoming stressed out by “SOS Only”; instead, take action and resume using your phone without interruption.

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