What Are The Best AI Copywriting Tools?

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Use the Best AI Copywriting Tools at Your Fingertips to Boost Content Creation! Examine contemporary technologies that use artificial intelligence to create bespoke, interesting, and captivating reproductions. Learn how these tools may improve your writing system’s efficiency and inventiveness for everything from creative material to advertising and marketing communications.

The best AI Copywriting tools appear to be ubiquitous, ranging from chatbots for e-commerce to article generators. AI can save you a ton of money and time, so it makes sense. We all have two loves, right?

However, AI copywriters are only as effective as the human utilizing them, much like other tools. In addition to learning how to utilize it, you also need to recognize when it makes sense to use human copywriters on your team and when to use AI.

What are the best AI copywriting tools?

The practice of creating material for blogs, social media, emails, scripts, and other media by combining machine learning and natural language processing software is known as artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting. AI copywriters create content with the intention of appearing human, but in a fraction of the time.

Who may profit from copywriting using AI?

It would be the same as asking, “Who stands to gain from time and money savings?”

Let’s start by addressing the big issue: AI isn’t taking our jobs. I’ve noticed a lot of discussion from other writers who are concerned that we will all become obsolete due to ChatGPT and other natural language model copywriters.

What Makes the best AI Copywriting Tools Beneficial?

These tools may be used by copywriters and marketers for a few different purposes.

You save time when you use AI content authoring tools, to start. If you choose, these technologies can instantaneously produce parts, outlines, or entire articles since they can evaluate data far more quickly than people can.

Just consider how practical AI copywriting is as well. AI copywriting takes care of tasks like product descriptions if you want mass text. This frees you up to concentrate on harder marketing duties like tracking KPIs and generating leads.

Finally, the terrible “writer’s block” that many writers eventually encounter may be avoided with the help of AI content authoring tools.

Best AI copywriting tools

  1. Chat GPT

Even while ChatGPT wasn’t in one the best AI copywriting tools created, it is now one of the most well-known thanks to its viral introduction in November 2022, which caused quite a stir online.

Anyone may easily become acquainted with ChatGPT’s chat-style interface, even if they are unfamiliar with generative AI software. What has attracted so much attention to ChatGPT in the past six months is the intricacy of its interactions. By using a technique called “natural language processing,” it is able to not only comprehend what you are asking it, but also remembers the previous exchanges and modifies its replies appropriately. This means that it is not a “one-hit wonder,” answering every question as if it were the first.

For whom is ChatGPT intended?

Although ChatGPT is very flexible, content marketers looking to increase the volume of articles, reports, or other continuing publishing requirements will find it particularly useful. GPT-4 “exhibits human-level performance” in a number of situations, including passing the bar exam, according to OpenAI.

  1. The Hootsuite AI OwlyWriter

Unbeknownst to them, Hootsuite includes OwlyWriter AI, an integrated creative AI tool that spares social media experts hours of labour.

With OwlyWriter, you can:

  • Create a fresh social media caption based on a question, using a certain tone.
  • Create a post (such as a blog entry or a product page) based on a link.
  • Based on a term or topic, come up with post ideas (and then create posts building on the concept you like most)
  • Determine which of your best-performing content to reuse.
  • Make appropriate captions for the forthcoming holidays.

OwlyWriter: Who is it for?

OwlyWriter is ideal for entrepreneurs, content writers, and social media marketers that lead hectic lives. This application is for you if your profession requires you to write in any kind of social media format!

  1. Jasper

Jasper takes great satisfaction in producing writing that is human-like and designed with teamwork in mind. Like Google Workspace for AI copywriters, that is. Businesses of all sizes can easily design, revise, and approve copy projects with Jasper thanks to its template collection and cloud storage.

The interface used by Jasper is document-style. You provide a short outlining your desired content, complete with choices for tone, SEO keywords, and other elements.

For whom is Jasper intended?

The marketing and content generation teams can stay in sync and on brand with Jasper. To match the tone of its material to the tone of your current content, the Jasper for Business plan comes with a brand tone of voice analyzer.


Drafts produced by are nearly ready for publication and require very little human editing. It simply takes a few minutes to complete the process, which is comparable to hiring a human writer: give it a theme, some creative guidance, accept the outline it creates, and you’re done. produces sales emails, social media posts, articles, and more.

The built-in templates and step-by-step short style make it simple to get started, and I was able to create this blog post in a matter of minutes:

For whom is intended?

Is copy produced by AI truly “thought leadership”? Doubting. Even so, it’s unquestionably one of the best AI copywriting tools for teams or lone marketers looking to increase output.

  1. The QuillBot

Unlike other AI copywriters, QuillBot does not create material based only on instructions. It is used to reword current information in original and imaginative ways. Beyond simple synonym substitutions, QuillBot may extend text to provide helpful facts or condense it for clarity and brevity. It also has special add-ons including a citation generator, sentence completion tool for “co-writing,” and an AI search engine for online research.

QuillBot is for whom?

QuillBot is excellent for content repurposing; it may be used to create several versions or to simplify and rewrite chunks of articles for use as social media postings. It’s an easy and quick approach to test copywriting powered by AI.

  1. Wordtune

Another AI rephraser to help with writing clarity and readability is called Wordtune. You can alter the length and tone of your material, much like QuillBot. Wordtune often includes “spices’ ‘ to give it more punch, such as jokes, facts, and statistics.

Who Is the Word Tuned For?

Wordtune may assist content teams and freelancers overcome writer’s block, reuse material, and attract readers more quickly by streamlining your message.

Bottom Line

NLP and machine learning technologies are used by the best AI copywriting tools to comprehend how people learn and write. The only material that these copywriting bots can produce is pre-existing information from the internet. However, they process this data significantly more quickly than people can. AI copywriters can quickly scan and evaluate millions of web pages.

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